Why you should always have your political consultants sign a non-disclosure agreement

Many political consulting firms list their clients right on their websites, proudly displaying their experience for the world to see. You may have noticed that we do not do that. While we have worked with many clients, we do not use their names or organizations in any of our materials without their explicit permission. We let our work speak for itself, and we respect the privacy of the individuals and organizations with which we work. Because of this, we sign non-disclosure agreements with each to ensure that we do not violate their trust.

Why should you care about having your consultants sign a non-disclosure agreement?

Without signing an NDA, political consultants can gather information in your meetings and sell it as opposition research to your challengers. Several years ago, a young political consultant working for an incumbent state representative acquired sensitive information and sold it to primary election challengers and to members of the opposing party. Ultimately, the state representative was defeated in the primary election by a candidate that utilized this information to craft an effective campaign strategy. If that consultant had signed an NDA, the state representative could have pursued legal action to rectify the situation, but they had not.

That is just one example of political consultants utilizing information from your campaign to further their own interests. At Xtemp Consulting, we urge you not to take that chance. We promise to hold all confidential information in confidence and will not, without prior written consent of the candidate, or where required by law, reveal or make use any use of confidential information for purposes unrelated to rendered services or disclose any confidential information to any person or entity except as required in the ordinary course of rendering the services. That is a promise that we write into every political consulting contract, because we care about our clients.

If you are looking for help with your campaign, make sure that your consultants are willing to sign an NDA and keep your interests in mind. With Xtemp Consulting, we promise that every time, so why not call us first?