Key Takeaways from the Fort Worth Mayor's Race

Even as results are still coming in, there are some crucial notes from the municipal elections in Dallas and Fort Worth.

In the Fort Worth Mayor's race, Tarrant County Democratic Chair Deborah Peoples is trailing Incumbent Betsy Price by a considerable margin, but is doing much better than Price's last challenger. With Peoples likely to get over 40% of the total votes cast, here are some takeaways.

3) Fort Worth still leans right.

This is one of the last major cities that still votes conservative, but that is (slowly) changing. By running to the left, Peoples isolated the majority of voters in the city. She was hoping that she could overcome that with GOTV, but to no avail.

2) It is important to rally your base.

In a partisan election (even one masquerading as nonpartisan), mobilizing your party is essential to having a fighting chance. By imparting partisan politics into a nonpartisan race, candidates can isolate voters, but also secure others.

3) Connections matter.

The reason that Peoples even got this close was by utilizing her connections as party chair to get the Democratic voters out to the polls.