How to Campaign Safely and Effectively During the Coronavirus Pandemic

The outbreak of COVID-19 has certainly impacted our way of life. Schools have gone to online classes, professional sporting events have been cancelled, large gatherings have been banned in many jurisdictions. All of this is an attempt to slow the spread of the Coronavirus and take the strain off of our country's medical resources, but it is definitely changing the way that we socialize and interact in the political sphere.

Several members of Congress have stopped holding in-person office hours and closed their doors to visitors. Candidates are worried about going door to door and shaking hands. Large political events seem infeasible right now. With all of this going on, how do candidates run effective campaigns to connect with voters and mobilize their constituents without risking the health of themselves or their staff members? We've got a few ideas to help you run an effective campaign and stay safe. There is something to be said about the personal touch of meeting the candidate in person, so make sure to take necessary precautions if you do decide to continue blockwalking. Any in-person campaigning comes with a risk of exposure to germs and viruses, just as before the Coronavirus outbreak. Candidates and canvassers should take precautions to reduce the likelihood of contracting an illness if they do choose to campaign door-to-door. Candidates should consider foregoing the traditional handshake in favor of other forms of greeting that involve little or no physical contact. Canvassers should carry hand sanitizer or sanitizing wipes to clean their hands frequently while block walking, and should always wash their hands with soap and water throughout the day. Staff members that are sick should stay home and avoid contact with others. Mailers are a great way to reach certain voting populations, and campaigns can make great use of these while many of their voters are choosing to stay home more than usual. The same goes for targeted digital advertising for social media, smart TVs, and search engines. If you need a little help with these, we've got consultants that work with targeted digital advertising to help you connect with your constituents. Phone banking and peer-to-peer texting are great ways to reach voters that are stuck at home while public events are being cancelled. Consider vamping up the number of phone calls that your campaign makes each day or get us involved with your peer-to-peer texting efforts to reach thousands of voters with your message. Either way, your team stays safe and you still get to connect with voters. Utilize social media, like Facebook and Twitter, to get your message out. Share helpful posts and campaign updates regularly, and consider holding town halls on Facebook Live. Connect directly with voters in the comments and direct messages. Now is a great time to grow your social media followers, so don't pass up the opportunity to spread your message with targeted advertising or organic reach. We've got a team of consultants ready to help you with your social media strategy if you need us. As you continue campaigning, check for updates from the CDC and trusted media outlets to stay safe. Give us a call to help you make adjustments to your campaign strategy with new voter outreach tactics, you'll be glad you did.