Buttigieg's Stance on Abortion is a Strategic Move

Appealing to the progressive wing of the party could pay off in the short term, but may hurt his chances at gathering support in the general election.

With abortion as the key issue in the news, presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg took a very progressive stance during his town hall yesterday. With this, he signaled that he wants to align himself with the progressive wing of the Democratic party in order to gain more traction ahead of the primaries. A common tactic in primary elections is to appeal to the party base to gather the most support from party loyalists and win delegates. In the general election, candidates tend to campaign toward the center in order to reach undecided and independent voters.

Mayor Pete may have positioned himself in a favorable light with Democrats, but his stance on abortion will make it difficult for pro-life voters to get behind him, even if they do not like President Trump . Smart Republican strategists will certainly try to capitalize on this. For Buttigieg, he still has a long way to go before he can gather enough support in the Democratic primaries. His campaign should continue to push in middle America to build a base ahead of the Iowa Caucus.

In the 2020 election, abortion is shaping up to be a key issue. Be on the lookout for more analysis on how this will effect the field.