8 Must-Avoid Website Mistakes All Small Business Owners Make

Updated: Jan 16, 2021

I've seen many small business owners who develop their websites and find themselves in a jungle! Not every website is created equally, and so to stand out among your competitors, you first have to avoid the common mistakes which small business owners usually make. People today are quite power users, and they want a smooth experience while visiting your website.

A website with silly mistakes could sink your business and keep your business from achieving its goals. So, here I am with common website mistakes that business owners usually make when they’re putting their websites together. Whether they are SEO or website design related, you have to avoid them. Let us look into these common website mistakes.

1. Their Websites are either Unclear or Too Clever Copy

It is said that you have to be clever, making your website stand out. Being clever doesn't mean that you will be unclear in delivering your message. If you do so, then you'll definitely be going to lose visitors very fast. First, you have to be clear, providing the basic information (who are you? What do you do? Why should people care?) Clarity will always trump cleverness. Your visitors won't be satisfied without you being clear about your work, and you will ultimately end up losing them if they don’t understand what you do.

2. The Credibility Enhancers Are Either Absent or Too Weak

Another website mistake that small businesses usually make is that they themselves are the only ones talking nice about their product; blowing the trumpet for your products wouldn’t be worth it if you are one and only saying it. The visitors will not believe what you say if you’re the only one saying it; you need to build up their trust by putting up credibility enhancers such as logos of your clients as featured in XYZ award or certification, testimonials, etc.

Your credibility will suffer, of course, if you don't have backup to vouch for you. Without credibility enhancers, you will always lack your potential customers' trust, which won't produce a beneficial impact on your small business. In fact, it’ll probably hurt the perception of your brand.

3. Small Businesses Often Focus On Traffic Instead Of Conversion

The smallest business works on organic strategies and basic SEO to bring significant traffic to their website. You can get on the first page of Google only by using the keywords that your clients use. But appearing on the first page won't do any good for your business. The traffic is useless if it is not converting visitors to take an action. So if you want to win two ways, focus on the conversion; once your business grows and you make money, you can bypass the search engine and even buy traffic if you need more.

4. Many Small Businesses Have A Website With Poor Design

This is one of the major mistakes a small business owner can make. Some of the website design mistakes include the following:

Complex navigation. Some websites are quite unclear to navigate through because of their complex design. People face difficulty operating such websites.

Inappropriate color combinations. Small and medium sized enterprises usually use a single color for their logos. Lack of color will show your lack of personality to the visitors. If you want to stand out, use colors to be vibrant and confident, but should go together.

Mundane descriptions are something where many small businesses go wrong. Such descriptions will lead you to fail communications with your potential customers. To attract and retain them, you have to avoid lackluster descriptions.

Using Templates. It won't work well if you want to surprise your potential buyer. To stand out from your competitors' crowd and grab the attention of your clients, you have to come up with unique designs instead of using template designs. It’s okay to start with one, but make it your own.

5. Not Adding a Call-To-Action

Many small businesses often neglect the most important goal, the Call-To-Action. Without the CTA, your potential clients won't be able to move through the conversion funnel easily. They couldn't sign up for a service, fill out the form, or give you a call and purchase the product, all in a hassle-free manner. CTA gives them an easy way to do all this, and this will ultimately bring you more and more customers. The CTA should be a prominent reminder of the next step in the process for the customer.

6. Website That Is Not SEO Optimized

If your website is well designed, but is not SEO optimized, then it will not rank well in Google. Google and other major search engines have composed their own list of practices that qualify for the quality website. When your website is not specialized in SEO, you are not following the guidelines and won't appear in Google's high ranking. Take some time to invest in SEO that will drive traffic to your website and make it easier to convert traffic into sales.

7. Absence of Contact Information

This is another quite common mistake among the small businesses where they neglect putting their contact information on their website. People who are really interested in your product and want to contact you but couldn't find your address or phone number really get frustrated. When you lack the basic information such as name, address, the phone, you end up hurting your search rankings, and ultimately you'll lose your potential customers.

8. Avoiding White Spaces

You must have the idea that the website design has a significant impact on conversion and bounce rates. Small businesses usually try to cram information as much as possible into a single page. But you know what? White spaces are very crucial as it provides visible breaks and makes it clear and concise. When you lack white spaces, you are actually unable to give your visitor an enjoyable experience of your website. So, to let your visitors enjoy and become your customer, you have to be careful about your website design.

The Bottom Line

How many of these website mistakes were you making? If none, then it's good. But if you are doing some of them, then it’s time to make it right. Your website should be professional to ensure that it will bring the desired results. Avoiding the website mistakes and making it attractive and functional will minimize the risk of failing your business. Good luck!

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