7 Networking Tips for Entrepreneurs

Networking is perhaps one of the most important words in our careers and our lives in general. Humans are social beings and their main role and character is relationship building. For some, it may seem difficult to create a social network whether it is digital or real, yet for others it is just a routine. Read 7 networking tips for entrepreneurs below.

1. Choose your network members carefully.

The most common misconception about networking is that the more people you know, the better for your career and later life. In fact, the whole point is that although the right acquaintances can boost you forward (and ultimately, help you in your professional and financial development), nevertheless some of them do not have to belong to your network. Spend some time and think of the people and companies you would like to connect with.

2. Create real-life relationships

During the early stages of your networking, try to avoid exchanging professional services or/and customer details with other members of your network. In fact, during the first contacts, try to get to know as well as possible the people you want to network with and try to understand the needs, background, abilities and weaknesses of your new acquaintances. Above all, however, focus on deciphering what kind of people your new connections are, even if they are personalities with whom you can cultivate and have a long-term relationship.

3. Provide Value

It is very easy to believe that someone who looks successful has everything in order in their lives and there is nothing they may need. If you really think so, get over it. It is always worthwhile to discover the concerns and desires of your contact. Chances are you will find something useful to offer. And people do care about what you have to offer them.

4. Maintain Enthusiasm

If you want to get in touch with a new person, especially a busy person, the quickest way to do that is to arouse their curiosity to meet you, e.g., you can tempt them emotionally, tell a story or limit refined speech. Remember to always be laconic.

5. Be Generous and Smile

This does not mean approaching people and offering them help only when you want something in return. You cannot collaborate having exchange as a reason. If you wander around here and there with such a style and mindset, be sure that others will believe you are selfish. So, it would be better to become a generous spirit and offer in an authentic and selfless manner. People appreciate this attitude and they will be there whenever you need them, without a second thought.

6. Think About People, Not Positions

Each of us surely knows at least one smart, ambitious, motivated and interesting person. Some of them, in eight to ten years, are going to become influencers; even managers. It is easier to approach such a person at the beginning of his career and build a good relationship. It’s not that easy to burst in the networking circle of a 50-year-old executive. This relationship is built much earlier. So, think about which of your contacts represents this character and even if it does not end up being an influencer, well, at least you will have some interesting company.

7. Find a reason to follow up

If you want to build a true relationship with another person, then make sure to create a reason to keep the relationship and conversations going. If you read an article or watched an interesting video that has to do with your earlier discussion or a past networking meeting, send it to them along with a brief note on why they popped into your head, what you found interesting in it and how you think it could benefit them.

Let's not beat around the bush; The need for people to be consistent when following up and being involved in any sort of networking activity is increasing day by day. Follow these 7 networking tips for entrepreneurs, take a steady step each time, maintain an optimistic and altruistic attitude towards the people around you and your networking cycle will grow much easier and qualitatively.

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